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Pro Wax 100

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Guidelines for use

1. Clean your pores and skin and apply moisturizing vital oil.
2. Plug in and rotate the knob to regulate temperature, the pilot lamp lights up and the heater begins running.
Three. When the wax has melted, decrease the temperature of the wax warmer by means of turning the temperature manipulate dial to med, ( make certain the wax isn’t always too hot earlier than applying to pores and skin) spread a layer of wax with aspatula on the skin along the path of the hair boom.
Four. Flip the wax off, unplug it and allow it live until the wax pot is not warm and safe to the touch.
5. After 15-20 mins while feeling the wax temperature disappears, strip the wax then against the path of the hair growth quick observe the skin cream.
6. Put a few drops of perfume and colour free oil onto a paper towel and wipe out the pot/system as well as the rim. The oil will dissolve the wax and it surely disappears. Any oily residue left behind may be wiped off with a clean, dry material.
7. Cover the hotter with the clean lid to maintain the wax dirt-unfastened


Make sure the wax isn’t too hot before making use of to pores and skin.
Do not use it on broken or angry skin.
Do not use it in case your pores and skin suffered any destructive reactions to wax within the beyond.T


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